Thursday, April 19, 2012


"I looked around at the rooms that I did not see as rooms, but more as a landscape for my emotions, a biography of memory." -Anne Spollen, The Shape of Water

Our patio was the place to be in the early 2000's. My parents had backyard BBQ's, pool parties, country music blasting (my only soft spot for country!), and of course, lots of ice cold bevs! Unfortunately, I was away in San Luis Obispo for most of that time but was lucky enough to come home for some weekends during the summer and enjoy our backyard paradise! I will NEVER forget the the crab feast we had on the patio during one warm summer night. Good food, lots of laughs, even more beer, and a ton of crazy fun people. My parents definitely know how to throw a good party! But, really, any party is a good party if they are there!


  1. Aw :) so many good memories in that house!

  2. Anonymous11:49 PM

    My kind of people! -Kara


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