Saturday, November 12, 2011


Happy birthday to my big brother, Ryan. Top 11 things I love about my broham:

11. He is a produce guy at Whole Foods which, in my book, is the most awesome store of all time. Plus, he can explain how to tell when a cantaloupe is ripe!

10. He has a pretty flower tattoo on his arm.

9. He makes a mean salad.

8. He always sends the sweetest birthday and thank you cards with handwritten messages from the heart.

7. He lives far from family, but is always eager to make the trip to see everyone.

6. You can always count on him to bring his camera and snap lots of pictures. It's just too bad we never see any of them ;)

5. When we were little, a bee landed on my forehead and he saved me from getting stung by throwing his shoe at my face. Thanks, brother!!

4. He always says 'I love you'.

3. I could learn a lesson or two from Ryan about drinking water. He drinks so much water and his skin is like a baby's butt because of it. Super jealous.

2. He is a really good snowboarder and I wish I had the same inclination for snow sports because he makes any day on the mountain sound fabulous.

1. He is positive and happy and I never hear him say anything mean.

Love you, brother!

And a special note for my beloved Grandma Ladonna who's birthday was today too. I read this on twitter today, "There's nothing in the entire universe that's better than a grandmother." It's true and I miss her and think of her often!

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