Thursday, August 18, 2011

Living together in harmony

Remember our friend, the baby fox? Well, the little fox family officially lives on our property and we don't mind one bit! Steve has noticed the foxes out in the trees where he has been working and we saw three brother foxes roaming our patio a couple of weeks ago. The foxes like to steal Steve's socks from the patio (his dirty, muddy socks that he sometimes takes off before coming inside the house), and we find them strewn all over the yard!! But this evening, as we were photographing the progress of our palm trees, a sweet fox rustled through the trees and poked his head out of the bushes. He stared right at us and didn't flee! 

We continued to walk along the driveway and we could hear him running back through the trees next to the creek parallel to us.  As we came upon the house, look who was waiting for us!!! 

He sat calm and still, looking at us with curiosity, not scared in the least. Steve threw him a piece of prosciutto which he grabbed with his mouth and then scampered back into the trees. Just look at that beautiful tail!!

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