Tuesday, August 02, 2011

A Blast from the Past

So today I was reading over some of my old blog posts from 6 years ago. Six years doesn't sound like a long time, but I feel like a completely different person - in a good way. Most of the stuff I wrote back then makes me cringe, but there were some good moments and some rather funny anecdotes. It's crazy to read about how different my life was in college and I find myself going, "what was I thinking!!??" My memory thinks back on college as the good ol' days, but in my posts I really made it sound like life was sooo hard and stressful, when really it wasn't at all! Ohh, boo hoo, you have to do homework! If my present self were there back then, I'd slap me in the face. Why didn't any of you tell me how much of a basket case I was?! Anyway, here are some of my favorite excerpts from my long-ago life.

On dining out with Rachel:
We had a great dinner and acted pretty much retarded the entire night.

The moral of the story:
Remember kids: DD's rock, leaving your friends is a bad idea, EZ-J is hot, alcohol takes your money, conscience, and ability to speak in an inside voice.

On taking rides from strangers:
We were walking along when one of the petty-cabbers asked if we wanted a ride. I said no, and we continued to walk. I looked behind me and the petty cab guy was still watching us, and I realized he was really quaint! So, we ran back to his cart and jumped on!

A rather normal night out:
We found a free ride after Helya yelled at the taxi driver, and went to Mothers.

Nothing unusual about it:
We went to Mothers and had some jager blasters and "rolled deep" with Joanna and her many male followers.

They don't teach you how to park in college:
We left dinner and went to "The Rock" where we only stayed for about five minutes because helya parked on the sidewalk.

Boy, was I angry:
 Today I worked 1-9, and attempted my take home pchem exam which was NOT easy. It pretty much pissed me off, but at least I got something done.

In 2005, I had 99 problems:
I don't like Bills, spending money on alcohol, annoying people, cleaning my room, saying goodbye, feeling hungover, pink eye, jeans that are too long, being so white, the wind, drunk drivers.

I hope this is still true:
...and now I get to be a guest at Helya's house which means she will give me candy and ice cream and canteloupe.

That one time I made a "firework" in college:
The sound was like a gun going off right next to your face and Jon and I said we could feel the waves of the explosion on our face.

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