Friday, August 13, 2010

Lost Footage

This will be my second to last entry about our honeymoon in Japan. I hope you all enjoyed reading about our experiences and fun. We had such a memorable trip and would definitely go back in a heartbeat. I think we were most impressed with how polite, quiet, and respectful everyone was. No one was hassling you for a tip, no one was yelling or making a scene on the subway, no one was running down the sidewalk, no one got in your way. I think Americans need to learn a thing or two about politeness from the Japanese. I feel like Americans are so full of entitlement. They believe they DESERVE a pat on the back without hard work, or that they DESERVE a tip for throwing your suitcase in the back of their van. Well, Japanese people just do what they have to do without complaining! The waiters and bartenders smile and welcome you in without that look of "oh great, these people decide to come in 10 minutes before we close! Maybe if I act like a Biatch they will leave". Or if an old lady gets on the bus, a younger person will give up their seat. Common sense to me! At the airport, the employees who load luggage and take tickets, will BOW to the bus driver when they arrive and when they leave. Everytime! And when we went down to breakfast at our hotel, the cook would bow to us as we walked in. How nice!! Even the landscapers were respectful! They used quiet machinery, and bagged all of the green waste up so carefully and thoughtfully. They even wore khakis and a polo shirt while they worked so that they looked nice amongst the gardens. Who does that here?! No one! The construction company across from our hotel (you'll see it in the video), cleaned off the tires of the trucks as they exited the construction site onto the main road so that mud wouldn't get tracked onto the road! Clean, kind, considerate! The Japanese take pride in their work, no matter if its bartending, landscaping, cooking, cleaning gutters, or picking up the trash (although we did see a garbage man peeing IN the gutter next to his garbage truck in mid-daylight). Japanese people take pride in their appearance, and Japanese people take pride in how the treat each other! Anyway, enought ranting!!

 I'd like to share some tid bits that I haven't mentioned yet, then later I will post my video montage where you will get to see what we saw as we saw it.

Our cozy little room.

Roppongi Crossing at night

rice fields on the way to Kyoto

Ginza shopping district on Sunday

what every corner in Tokyo looks like..

Shinjuku - lots of lottery, casinos, and arcades

Biggest billboard in Tokyo - of course Sex and the City!!

 With Cola-Shock in hand, we made our way to the Tokyo Tower on our last night in Japan. Michael Jackson was blasting through the speakers as we rode the elevator all the way up to the top to see a 360 degree view of Tokyo. It was stunning and most of all - romantic.

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