Thursday, May 06, 2010

Drowning in Lotion

I can't believe I'm here already. I'm that cream girl. The girl I didn't think I'd ever least not until age 50. But yep, I am that girl who uses 457 different lotions and face creams because I love me a good gimmick. Actually, I have a bazillion things "wrong" with my skin so I had to find multiple products to keep me sane. I could have chosen tanning beds or laying out at the beach, or even plastic surgery, microderm abrasion, or a wicked chemical peel. But instead, I chose to save my skin from harmful UV rays, and put 100% of my faith in CHEMISTRY (Yes, that's where lotion comes from!)

So, instead of tanning, I am using Jergens Natural Glow. It seems to be working well so far (I'm not orange yet!) I also regularly use SPF 15 facial moisturizer and if I spend any time outdoors I either wear a hat or slap on some trusty SPF 65.

Now if only Jergens Natural Glow would naturally make my skin look flawless, I would be set! But, I have to use ProActive Repairing Lotion for those pesky zits on my face. This stuff is magic though. I rub it on the red bump, and within two days it is completely gone and never even had the chance to get really nasty.

Last, but not least. My new favorite lotion is Dr. Brandt's V-Zone neck cream. It is a miracle worker! My least favorite part of my body is my NECK. Yes, my goose neck! It's always wrinkly and if I don't hold my head just right in photos, it looks like my neck is melting into my shoulders. I read an article that said a girl in her twenties is not supposed to have ANY neck wrinkles, and that deep wrinkles like mine shouldn't occur until age 40-60! WTF neck?! So, the only thing I could do besides Botoxing my neck was to buy insanely expensive neck cream. But, let me tell you, this stuff works!! After about two weeks of using it twice a day, my wrinkles have diminished dramatically and my entire neck is a lot tighter. There are still some bad lines, but it is a major improvement!

So, how long does my creaming (ew) routine take? Not long because I have small bones, but its about 100 times longer than my old routine, which included NOTHING.

There you have it. Now, go slather yourself in balms and emulsions, stay out of the sun and tanning beds, and thank me later!

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