Friday, May 14, 2010

Bridal Shower

On April 24th, my mom threw a "Favorite Things" bridal shower at Apple Farm. It was the cutest party ever. She really made the day so special for me. We started the party with mimosas and yummy potatoes, quiche, and the BEST sausages ever. Sometimes at bridal parties, the games can be really cheesy and dumb, but my mom picked out the best games ever, thanks to Ellen!! First we played "Guess Jaime's favorite things" where my mom held up signs with my favorite things on them. I had to describe the thing and each team had to guess what I was describing. She had my favorite movies, books, music, tv shows (LOTS of Tv shows), blogs, and lots more. I don't even know how she knew all that about me, but it was awesome! Helya and Rachel really blew everyone out of the water :) ORYX AND CRAKE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The second game was the purse game where my mom made a list of things you might find in a purse. The winner is the girl with the most things on that list. Mary won because she had weird things like several two-dollar bills, 50 cent pieces.

Pretty cake.

Jillian surprised me with this super cool travel kit. She put clips of our invitations on the back and filled the suitcase with lots of goodies like paper soap (perfect for Japan because their public bathrooms dont have toilet paper, soap or paper towels, ech!), travel lotions and soaps, trailmix and candy, a cute tote, a fold up bag, a passport cover, and on and on and on. It was the neatest gift!

Helya was my gift hander-over and card keeper.

My grandma sent a gorgeous bracelet that my Grandpa got for her in Australia in the 90s. She passed it along to me for my wedding. I can't wait to wear it!

Rachel got me a really pretty bowl and vase. See how awesome I think it is?! She also made me my very own Shutterfly photo album of "Rachel and Jaime's Greatest Hits" Photo books are pretty much my favorite things ever! Hey mom, you shoulda used that one!

My aunt Lisa and her lovely Serene came all the way down for the shower too. I love having Lisa around because her kind and gentle spirit remind me of Ladonna and thinking about Ladonna is a GREAT thing!

Here's the group sans Kaity, our photographer! (Who took some incredibly wonderful pictures that I am so grateful for!)

Grandpa's girls:

Steve's mom and sister Mackenzie. So glad they came to meet everyone! And oh my gosh they spoiled me rotten!

3/5 maids:

Let's hope we can take a normal picture together at the wedding! Even though I LOVE this picture :)

The aftermath...
pictures 001
Thanks to everyone who came all the way to SLO for my shower. It was so meaningful having you all there. And thank you for the LOVELY gifts! If I mentioned them all here, this post would be ten pages long, so thanks thanks thanks for everything! Helya I'll be wearing your gift at the wedding!!!!

Mom, thank you so much for throwing me such a perfect bridal shower. I am so lucky to be your daughter. Your one and only daughter who is getting married in a week!!!! TIME TO PARTY!!!!!!!

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    glad you enjoyed the shower:)
    im in need of a makeover so i can take a decent picture:)HELP!!!!


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