Monday, November 23, 2009

Honeymoon Adventure!

When we first started talking about our honeymoon, we immediately ruled out anywhere tropical. Yeah, we're weird. But - we've both been to Hawaii, Steve's been to Jamaica and Costa Rica, I've been to Cancun and Cabo and we have little interest in the bahamas, caribbean, etc. We were looking for a place with lots of music, CULTURE, theatre, museums, interesting sites and people, not beaches.

Initially, we wanted to keep it simple and go to Vancouver, Canada for a week. We've talked about visiting Vancouver before and know it would be an awesome vacation. But the more we thought about it, the more we realized that we should take advantage of this opportunity to go on a REAL holiday and GO BIG!

So, we thought about Iceland. Iceland would be sooo romantic and beautiful. We'd hike around a lush, green countryside, graze with cool animals, and jump into geothermal hot springs. We'd get to chat it up with the Norse and learn about their unique culture. Definitely our style.

Our next thought was Japan. JAPAN! Who goes on their honeymoon to Japan?! Looks like we do! We thought it would be an excellent place to immerse ourselves into an entirely different culture, explore a bustling city, take the bullet train to fishing villages and gorgeous shrines, and eat really good sushi! So, it's official: we're going to Tokyo!





  1. Anonymous11:45 AM

    Will you be listening to "Lovers in Japan" by Coldplay when you land? ;) -Kara

  2. You know I will! Shh, don't tell Steve, but I picked Japan solely to personify that song!


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