Tuesday, August 04, 2009


Top ten things I love about living in our new house so far:

  1. I've never seen Steve so happy
  2. At night, all you can hear are crickets, frogs, and the gentle breeze through the trees
  3. My new BBQ!!
  4. The Albertsons in Arroyo Grande is one of the biggest, nicest grocery stores I've ever been to, and if you know me, you know how much I love grocery shopping, so this is high on my list!
  5. I drive to work every day on a narrow, two-lane country road, winding through vineyards and rolling hills, with a view of Bishop's Peak in the distance encircled by wispy fog and a vanilla painted morning sky.
  6. We will get to explore a new quaint downtown area that has a wine bar, ice cream shop, antique stores, and live music on Friday nights!
  7. We're trying our first mini re-model project next weekend - NEW TOILETS! and vinyl tiles (quick fix for now) instead of icky carpet in the bathrooms!
  8. There's already basil growing right outside!
  9. The kitchen window faces the front yard which has a view of my favorite willow tree.
  10. We finally don't have to use Charter!!!!!!!! NT Charter!!!


  1. AG's downtown has an amazing eclair bakery too! Your house sounds amazing! Congrats! I'm so excited for you =]

  2. Love your description! Can Maren and I ride with you to work everyday?


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