Thursday, February 21, 2008

Small Hair!

I was going to wait until next week to cut my hair, but I couldn't stand it anymore. No matter what I did, it just hung off my head like a dead animal. So, here's the new and improved me!! Not quite SJP, but I am going to try the curl thing this weekend and see how it looks. :)

Steve requested that it "flip out at the ends like when we first met". Actually, that reminds me of a story about Steve and my hair when we first started talking. Just over a year ago, Steve and I barely ever spoke beyond work talk. A typical conversation would go like this:

Jaime: "Hi Steve, here are your results. It looks great! You did it! Wow!"
Steve: "Thanks, yeah I'm pretty much the smartest person here. You're really no help to me... you drew a benzene ring with only 5 carbons, you idiot"

Ok, that's all a lie. Actually not ALL a lie. I did draw a 5 carbon benzene ring on his results, and I didn't notice it until I already gave it to him, so I thought I would play it really cool and I went back up to him and said, "oh shit, I think I messed up on your results, here's the correct one." and he was like "haha yeah its cool, I already fixed it, no prob" (if you have no idea what I am talking about, a benzene ring always has 6 carbons) But really, I am an idiot.

Anyway, this is how it really went:
Jaime: "Uhh *choke* huu's your results. I hope its right because I really don't know what I'm doing"
Steve: "Thanks! That was quick! It looks hella good! Oh hey, you cut your hair! I like it"

Then I would get REALLLLLLY hot and sweaty (the kind of sweat where you immediately have to wipe your melting brow) and I probably mumbled some backwards nonsense, as usual. God, I was (am) really lame.

But I'm not even kidding. He really did notice my haircut - it was similar to the one now - and he really did tell me he liked it. I will never forget that moment. I think it was the first time I realized I had a little crush on this mystery man...and maybe he had a little crush on me!

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