Wednesday, December 19, 2007

The DOW is down!

Boo stock market!!!

(I never thought I would know anything about the stock market, so it's a huge step that I actually care how stocks are doing these days.)

Investing for the should too!


  1. Anonymous12:33 PM

    The DOW is just one of many "measuring sticks" - so depending on your asset allocation, your stocks may or may not go down in value (i.e. foreign investments are usually exempt from domestic fluctuations). Also, blue chips are typically the studiest of the bunch (i.e. major brand names like Coca Cola, Ford, General Mills, etc.) Apple and Amazon are two individual stocks that are going off like gangbusters right now, but you're probably in a mutual fund that exposes you to a range of investments, dependent upon your risk tolerance. That being said, the stock market always recovers - even when it takes a dive. Yay for investing!

  2. You're the smartest! I am glad I have you to teach me these things :) I just find it interestign watching the Dow and NASDAQ and the other "measuring sticks" on the little graphs. It's cool to see it go up and down. Like you said, I haven't been affected too much when it goes down. My 401k is allocated pretty well, and I've been in the green almost always since I've started!

    YES, YAY for investing!


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