Wednesday, January 08, 2014


2013 was a rather blah year in my opinion. There were some really fun times and some really bad times, but mostly, the year was just like our weather - monotonous and dry. You could probably tell from the lack of posting in 2013, I just wasn't inspired and had very little to report! Plus, Steve has a new love for watching carpentry YouTube videos so he and my compy became BFFs in 2013, leaving me with my loyal pal, television. (See how boring? Steve on the computer and me in front of the tv all year).

A few things do stick out in my mind from 2013 that I would like to share.

  • Hiking to the Hollywood sign with my best girls.
  • Multiple music shows (Sufjan, Postal Service, John Mayer, Passion Pit, Capital Cities, Philip Phillips)
  • Meeting baby Hana
  • Running through the rain in Chicago
  • Poolside at the Beverly
  • Poolside at the Sands
  • Sledding in Montana
  • Taking a bath!
  • Plane crash into our building at work
  • Car crash into our well at home
  • No rain!
  • Seeing Steve's poor mom in the hospital with a broken leg.
  • When the deer ate all of our trees and roses.
  • I have a new nightly accessory- a mouth guard so I don't grind my two front teeth off! I look really sexy with my mouth guard, retainer, glasses, and bunion regulators. Happy thirties!
  • I got a cavity :(
Anyway, I leave you with my annual photo slideshow so you can see everything else that I didn't post about!

Happy new year, all!

2013 from Jaime Dwight on Vimeo.

"Safe and Sound" by Capital Cities
"Motion Sickness" by Hot Chip

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