Sunday, August 04, 2013

Long Lost Bees

A couple of months ago our bees left the hive in search of another home. Experts say that there are multiple reasons bees swarm, including overpopulation, which is what we think happened to us. At some point when there are too many bees in one hive, you are supposed to split your hive to make more room for the colony to grow and flourish. Well, we never split our hive so one day they just vanished! 

Steve heard that sometimes a new colony of bees can move in if their scouts find the hive, but most likely we would have to replenish the hive with a new set of bees next spring. In the meantime all of that delectable honey would serve as a food source for other roaming bees and probably ants. ;( 

But that all changed last Thursday! Steve arrived home from work with a wonderful surprise! NEW BEES! And these are not just any bees, they are eager bees! Check out his footage and cross your fingers that this batch of bees sticks around!

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