Sunday, December 16, 2012

Music Night!

My new Leadership friend, Wendy, organized a get together at her house centered around music. Our leadership class is full of talented musicians so the night was full of promise. I certainly cannot hold a note, and my only experience with an instrument is a short stint in 5th grade with the violin. So, needless to say, I contributed as band photographer. Wendy often has family music nights so she had every musical instrument under the sun! Fun and easy instruments like bongo drums, maracas, hand cymbals, a harmonica, tambourine, recorder, and rain stick, to name a few! Michael rented a drum set for the weekend, and with Josh's bass, Wendy's piano, and Melody's voice, we had a full blown band! And it sounded like we've all played together for years! :)

Everyone had a chance to try out an instrument and we all sang together at the top of our lungs. We played every song we all knew the words to, and when we didn't know the words we googled them and sang anyway! 

It was seriously one of the most entertaining, silly, awesome, and wonderful Friday nights ever and hope to do it again soon!!!

And the cast of characters:

Josh on bass

Alexandra and Josh rockin' out!

Michael, our drum expert

Wendy shows Danielle a bongo beat!

Liz chimes in on the maracas

Alexandra had a great time on the drums!

All of those nights playing Rock Band with my little brother paid off!

Rachel and Wendy Lucas - such wonderful hosts! 

Melody, Brian and Alexandra 

Alexandra and Danielle

The whole gang!

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