Wednesday, September 01, 2010

Red, Swollen, and BUMPY!

I had a horrible experience at the dermatologist this morning. I made an appointment over a month ago because I had a rash on my cheek. Well, since then, the rash went away because I changed some of my lotions and face wash. But, I decided to keep the appointment since it was so hard to get and I figured I could just get a general consult on my skin and what types of products would be good for it. 

The doctor walks in and the first thing that comes out of his mouth is, "Woah, you're all red, swollen, and bumpy!!!" with this look of complete disgust, as if I was the ugliest thing to ever walk into his office. I was caught off guard a little by his reaction to my face (I wasn't wearing any make-up, but come on, I didn't think I looked that bad). So I told him that originally, yes, I was very bumpy because I HAD a rash, but now its gone and I just wanted to discuss other issues with him such as SLIGHT redness, and occasional breakouts, etc. But immediately he started blabbering about how I most definitely have Rosacea, oh boy do I ever!! And how I should take 30 days of this special pill and apply a gel to my entire face every night and how I should come back in a month to check on the progress...meanwhile handing me all of these samples and pamphlets.

The medical assistant came in and the doctor says, "This girl has ROSAAAACEA at such a tender age!!!!" Then he asks if I have a boyfriend. I said, "no, but I do have a husband." And he says, "well I hope your husband still loves you even though you have all that redness!!" WTF?! So I said, "actually my husband prefers my pink cheeks!" And he laughed and said, "well, I'm sure he doesn't like all those bumps!!!" Oh my gosh what a dick!!!!! 

Anyway, long story short, I think this guy just really enjoys making other people feel ugly because he is insecure - he was MY height and BALD. But he really made me feel bad about myself and all I could think about was how I need to rush into the bathroom to put on makeup before anyone else sees me like this!! I told Steve immediately and he was so mad and said that my skin is just fine and that the doctor is insane. My mom told me that I probably don't have rosacea at all but he just wants me to come back to give him more business. I'm pretty sure she is right. My face is pink sometimes, but I think there are ways to control it besides pills!!! ARRGH!

Isn't that a sad, sad story?!


  1. helya2:46 PM

    whats his address? im gonna egg his office. and whats his name...i'm gonna give him the worst reviews ever. DOUCHE!!!! Your beautiful so screw him

  2. haha i love you. next time you come, we'll go egg his place :)


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