Thursday, December 31, 2009

iBook funeral

I won't only be saying goodbye to 2009, but also to my beloved iBook. It's been acting up a lot lately, but I had no idea how sickly my poor computer was. All of a sudden it wouldn't turn on, but I could still hear the fan blowing. So I let the battery run out and tried plugging it back in and ta da! it came back on!! I was relieved until it I shut it like I always do after use, and I came back, opened the screen, and BLACKNESS again!! BOO!!! Looks like I will be spending my Christmas bonus on a brand new macbook. I am a little bit excited since the new macbook has a built in camera, better iPhoto, and lots of other really cool features, but I am so sad to be losing my baby. The iBook changed my life! Cheers to you iBook..and here's to a bright future at the recycle shop!

My 2009 slideshow will have to be postponed until January. Stay tuned...

Happy New Year!

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