Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Home Sweet Home

Last Thursday was a day Steve and I will always remember. We spent a relatively painless hour at the Title Company with a stack of papers about 3 inches high. Most of the paperwork we'd seen before so it wasn't an hour of explanation - but mostly frantic signing, cramped hands, and the realization that I hadn't been putting an "L" for Lois in my signature as was printed for my name on every page. So yes, I had to go back through the entire stack and finagle an L into my signature. The weirdest part was going to the bank and getting a cashier's check for the largest sum of money I've ever seen associated with my name. (It actually wasn't a very hefty downpayment, but my perception about money has changed over the past few years. The $1000 downpayment on my car made me feel so broke that I thought I would never get a haircut or buy a new pair of shoes EVER again. Too bad, that is probably the case NOW!)

Anyway, we finished up the paperwork and frollicked with smiling faces back to work! (UGG I KNOW! How could we go back to work after something like that!!?) But, we did because we still didn't have the most important part - the keys! Finally, Friday after work, we met our realtor at the house and officially called it a DEAL. We hung out for a bit, thinking, "Okay, now what!?" but spent the rest of the evening at Buona Tavola celebrating our HUGE success and treating ourselves to what could be our last fancy dinner outing for some time!!

The rest of the weekend we spent sipping champagne, hosting our first guests (thanks for coming and bringing the alcohol!!), and best of all enjoying the sunshine on OUR porch, dreaming up remodel ideas, and playing with our new baby lizard friends.



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