Tuesday, June 16, 2009

"Lovely Country Setting"

Today our offer was accepted on yet another house that I haven't mentioned yet! Since we were getting so sick of waiting on the two short sales, we decided to give this conventional sale a try. It was actually an estate sale where the family trying to sell it live in Maryland. We thought this might give us room to negotiate a low offer, and it worked! We put our offer in on Saturday morning, and today it was officially accepted!! We go into escrow TOMORROW! Which means we have 30 days to complete all of the inspections and paper work and we'll be moving next month!! WAHOO!! FINALLY!

It is a very plain jane house, but its pretty big (about 2100 square feet) and is on 2.5 acres! YES, 2.5 acres!!!! That means we can have horses! But we'll probably just stick to some goats and kittens :) We already have big plans for fixing up the place, which will keep us busy and having fun for years to come I'm sure! The first thing is the kitchen and putting in hardwood floors! I'm getting ahead of myself, but we've been dreaming about this for awhile now! :)

The house is located in the country outside of Arroyo Grande - about 2 miles from the downtown area and a beautiful backroad drive to work! We are so thrilled!

Off to pop some champagne and celebrate!

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  1. Get chickens!! They're sooo easy to care for and there's nothing like fresh eggs. Mmmm. One of my company directors brings me eggs every week from his chickens and they're absolutely amazing. Then, you can get the really funny looking ones.


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