Monday, April 20, 2009

I wish I had a swimming pool

I wish I had a swimming pool not only because it was 90 degrees outside yesterday, but because in the middle of the show Bloc Party asked that anyone with a pool meet them backstage so they could come over and have a pool party!! How freaking awesome would that have been to hang out all night with Bloc Party!?

So yeah, last night Steve and I went to see Bloc Party, an indie band from London, play at the SLO Vets Hall. The best part of the show was when the lead singer, Kele Okereke, went crowd surfing, then popped up in the back of the room, all the while singing and smiling like it was the best day of his life. It was pretty cool seeing such a such a popular band play at a teeny venue and act like it was better than their bigger gigs. I really like bands who are grounded and don't act like they are god's gift to the world. Bloc Party loves what they do, and are proud to share their music with people who just want to dance!!

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