Wednesday, September 19, 2007


I just joined Kennedy Club Fitness. Weird.

I never thought I'd actually cave and join a gym. Don't get me wrong, I am not worried about my weight....but holy crap I am bored out of my mind! There's only so much tv-watching, cleaning, napping, or shopping one girl can do after work! So, now I will be attending some classes: dance, groove, dance step, and pilates, and maybe even using the pool should I ever get the urge to do something a little more (dare I say it) athletic! So yeah, thats what's new with me. My membership begins October 1, so hopefully I actually go and make use of the $32 a month.

Oh yeah, I also got DVR (TivO)! Now I don't have to watch stupid commercials, or wait around all night for my favorite tv shows. Wow. I'm really cool.

It's funny how now that I haven't travelled for awhile, the gym and tivo are the coolest things in my world. I think that means it's time for an adventure!!!!


  1. I belong to the gym too. I havent been going because I don't like going alone. Would you be my gym buddy?


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